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  1. Hi i like to talk to someone about hiring my band . We have been playing music for over 20 years in the capital district. We are a 8 pice band great sound and would love to play at your summer and fall events. Would like to send you are cd so you can see what we sound like. you can email me back and let me know who to comtack or talk to. Thank you for your time. Wayne

    • Wayne,
      Our schedule for this year is already full but we would consider your band for next year. You can send the CD to
      Halfmoon Celebrations
      2 Halfmoon Town
      Halfmoon, NY 12065

      Please include your fee and any other details you feel we would need to know.

      Thank you for your interest,
      Halfmoon Celebrations

  2. I am interested in being a food vendor for your fall festival. What are your vendor fees?
    Mark, A Man With a Pan

    • Not sure if you are interested in being a part of the Fall Festival this year, but I have put the vendor form up on the web site which has the prices on it. Thank you for your interest.

  3. To Dave and Joann . Thank You for having us perform on 8/22. We really had a great time and the turnout was great. Fireworks were an added bonus. Hopefully we can come back next year for another show. Hey Dave, email me the videos ! Thanks. Gregg – Cryin’Out Loud Entertainment Group

  4. Are you guys putting on the Halfmoon Holiday parade this year? We have participated the past 2 years and trying to find information on participating again this year.
    Thank you

    • Due to a decrease in our volunteers, we are unable to hold the parade this year. Thank you for your interest

  5. Hi there, I am with the Dyer Switch Band and I would like to inquire about the procedure to be considered for your concert series. We are a bluegrass-and-more band that has charted the bluegrass charts and the European country music charts with our original songs. We are inductees in the New York State Country Music Hall of Fame. Our CDs receive national and international airplay and have received rave reviews in Bluegrass Unlimited. I would be happy to send you a couple of songs via email if you’d provide me with an email address.

    Please visit our website at, visit us on facebook or You Tube. There is a video, “For A Dancer”, on our website that you may enjoy.

    Feel free to call me at the 518.986.5193. Many thanks, JoAnn

    • Ms. DeVoe:

      Our schedule for this year is already full but we would consider your band for next year. You can send the CD to
      Halfmoon Celebrations
      2 Halfmoon Town
      Halfmoon, NY 12065

      Please include your fee and any other details you feel we would need to know.

      Thank you for your interest,
      Halfmoon Celebrations

  6. Sorry if no one ever got back to you for 2012, but you have our permission for 2013.

    Thank you,
    Halfmoon Celebrations

  7. Could you give me more information about the Fall Festival? Is this an opportunity for local businesses to set up booths for the community to get information?

    • Lisa,

      Yes, the Fall Festival is an opportunity for local businesses to share with the community. We also have a band, kids games, pumpkin decorating, raffle for a local charity, food and lots of other fun! If you are interested in being a part of the Fall Festial let us know and we will share the details with you as the year progresses.

      Thank you for your interest.
      Halfmoon Celebrations

  8. It was a pleasure meeting you all on Saturday at the Car Show. You folks mentioned a meeting this week that I could attend, could you please let me know where and when I need to meet with you. Thank you Donna

    David – It was nice meeting you finally – hope you didn’t get too burned…I can not find you phone number you gave to me, packed up quick worried about storm & now I can locate the scrap piece of paper you scratch your number on. Look forward to working with you all – D

    • We don’t have a meeting this week, but we do have an event on Saturday from noon to 3pm. It is our Kayak event. Please check our website for more details.

      I will forward your message to Dave.

      Halfmoon Celebrations

  9. What happened to your June 8th kayak event advertised on your celebration homepage??? I called Friday June 7th and I was told it was still on. I arranged my work schedule in order to paddle and when I went to the Mechanicville dock at 10am not a soul was there. I then went to the Halfmoon Lighthouse Park and no one was there !!!
    Please let me know what happened!!

    • The Supervisor of Mechanicville and the Supervisor of Halfmoon cancelled the event on Friday evening due to the high waters from all the rain. They are hoping to reschedule the event. Sorry for the confusion. I did not have a chance to update the website but we did put an announcement on Facebook.

  10. Do you have a number where you can be reached? I would like to speak to someone about the movies. Thanks.

    • We are a volunteer group and do not have an office phone. Is there anything I can answer for you about the movies?

  11. Hello,
    I am interested in selling my jewelry at the fall festival. I was not sure who I needed to contact for more more information.

    Thank you for your time,

    • I have put up the vendor form today on the website. You can download the form and send to the address on the second page. Thank you for your interest and hope to see you at the Fall Festival!

  12. Hello,
    I represent the Shenendehowa Community Coalition, a nonprofit volunteer based organization representing the area served by the Shenendehowa School District. We are committed to preventing alcohol and drug use among youth and promoting healthier communities overall. We would like to participate in this year’s Fall Festival, if possible, by handing out promotional items (i.e. travel mugs) which direct people to our social media sites that have more information about our mission.
    Thanks! Jenn Wood

    • Jenn,

      You are more than welcome to come and share what your organization does. We ask that you fill out and send in a vendor form so we have some information from your organization. It can be found on the website. We will not charge you but fill out the form. Thanks!

      Halfmoon Celebrations

  13. Will the applications for the holiday memorial trees be mailed out this year to past participants?

    Thank you

    • Yes, for this year they will be mailed. In upcoming years, we will be emailing the applications. Thank you.

  14. Hello, my name is Dave Pechette I wanted to introduce Our band called Grit N Whiskey based out of Saratoga Springs .We’re an all modern six piece country band to consider us for your upcoming summer events ,you can check us out at or facebook Grit N Whiskey

    Thank you ,
    Dave 518-583-4656

    • Dave,

      I will pass along the information to the committee. We will be meeting in January to discuss the summer events. Thank you for your interest!

      Halfmoon Celebrations

  15. Hello , I’m Dave Pechette from the band Grit-N-Whiskey We provide great family entertainment and would be very interested in performing in your upcoming summer music event . We’re an all modern six piece country band based out of Saratoga Springs. You can check us out at

    Thank You,

  16. Hi,
    Re the July 9 concert, what is meant by a “Cruise-In”?
    Betsy and the Byegons with a Cruise-In from 6:00pm – 9:00pm